Commodore 64 Tunes

What is the Ultimate SID Collection (USC)?
A collection of high quality recordings of music from the Commodore 64 home computer.

The USC is a curated collection which means it contains a handpicked selection of the 250 most popular and loved tunes, as well as some less known but stills important tunes.

Why is the USC different?
Each tune was manually recorded from a real and matched Commodore 64 using a handpicked SID chip model and revision for that particular tune.

In many cases the original composers were consulted to verify the filter sound.

Where can I download the USC?
Please visit the download page.

The USC is available as a single 7.5 GB ZIP file containing 250 tunes in lossless 16 bit WAV (CD quality).

The USC is a non-profit cultural preservation project.

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